WordPress plugin updates failing?

If you are trying to update your WordPress plugins and running into errors, you might not have the proper permissions. Here is an example of setting the proper permissions. Just make sure to replace ‘/var/www/wordpress’ with your server’s WordPress directory. sudo find /var/www/wordpress -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;sudo find /var/www/wordpress -type f -exec… Continue reading WordPress plugin updates failing?

Python 3: This environment is externally managed

Have you run into this message while trying to install using python? “This environment is externally managed”? What a frustrating experience! There are many methods, including one where you install break system packages. No thanks. This is a safe way to take care of this error (below). Have fun!

Emulating Commodore 64, 128, Pet, Vic 20 in Ubuntu 22.04

Getting Commodore computers to emulate in Linux is not a simple task. There are various drive, printer and system roms needed by the emulator (vice) to work. Here is a simple guide to get it working in Ubuntu 22.04: Install vice: sudo apt-get update -ysudo apt-get install -y vice Copy the system roms to the… Continue reading Emulating Commodore 64, 128, Pet, Vic 20 in Ubuntu 22.04

Unrar multipart files with CLI terminal (Ubuntu or Debian)

First you will need to open a terminal and install rar/unrar. sudo apt install rar unrar Then you can navigate to the directory to where your .rar file is. Typically, the file name you are looking for is the first in the numerical sequence. Example: “sample-001.rar”. You will see “sample-002.rar”, “sample-003.rar” etc. Unrar into the… Continue reading Unrar multipart files with CLI terminal (Ubuntu or Debian)

Ubuntu Kernel Panic?

Recently after an update to my thinkzinc.com server, I was greeted with a “kernel panic” error. I was able to get into the grub menu by holding down the shift key at boot and then choose a different kernel. This worked and I can only assume that the new kernel is not compatible with my… Continue reading Ubuntu Kernel Panic?

Volta Wireless Update

***Update on the update!*** 04SE23Apparently, Volta changed it’s name to “4Freedom Mobile” and their slogan is “Let Freedom Ring”. Please do not fall for their scam! I previously documented in another blog post entitled, “Volta Wireless is a SCAM” Volta Wireless is a trap. Bad service, bad to non-existent customer service and NO WAY TO CANCEL… Continue reading Volta Wireless Update

MiSTer FPGA Parts List

The Terasic DE-10 Nano board (the computer of the setup)I believe I originally paid $160 for this but now it’s up to $215 (as of this post). All the parts below can be ordered for VERY low costs from AliExpress. If you want to use U.S. sellers, I provided links below along with descriptions and… Continue reading MiSTer FPGA Parts List

Volta Wireless is a SCAM

Volta Wireless review: Like so many others, I tried Volta Wireless only to find out that the service DOES NOT WORK. Dial-up service from the 1990s was faster. Calls and texts do not come in. It’s a big fail. I immediately asked Volta to cancel my account/subscription. They keep responding that they were working on… Continue reading Volta Wireless is a SCAM

Commodore Vic 20 2-Rom Cartridge Files > Launch from a D64 image

Create a Commodore Vic 20 D64 Image That Launches (2) ROM Cartridge Images This is a guide to create a Commodore D64 floppy drive image that you can load into your Commodore Vic 20 to run 2-Rom Cartridge files.Feel free to use this guide and replace the games in the examples with those of your… Continue reading Commodore Vic 20 2-Rom Cartridge Files > Launch from a D64 image